Mobile Home Remodeling vs Regular Home Remodeling

mobile home remodel

Mobile Home Remodeling

In many ways fixing and repairing a mobile home is the same as a standard “stick built” home but some of the materials may be of lesser quality or streamlined for faster manufacturing. There will be a lot less real wood and more pressboard, plastic, and other materials that are less expensive to use during manufacturing.

Whenever possible, it’s always best to replace with newer, higher quality parts and materials to eliminate the need to re-do the job again in the future. There are also some basic problems that only a manufactured home will have, let’s take a look at the differences.

The Older Mobile Homes Are Mostly A Thing Of The Past

When you mention mobile homes what most people think of are the older, metal clad, trailers that really were very cheaply made.

They had huge problems with water leaks on their flat metal roofs and also around all of the windows as well. Once the water soaked into the pressboard flooring it would decompose into sawdust and have to be completely replaced. The roofs on these older homes were fairly flat and water tended to accumulate, eventually leaking inside. Yearly roof coatings, caulking, sealing, and other maintenance would have to be done or your home could deteriorate into a rotten mess.

Manufactured Homes

The manufactured homes that are built now will have regular composition roofs with an overhand and gutters that keep the water from leaking inside. These roofs are more standard and should last at least 15 years or more.

The flooring materials are still cheap pressboard but since it isn’t getting wet it shouldn’t deteriorate at all in mobile home renovations.

The water pipes have changed several times, but the newest models have the same PVC pipes that come in regular homes and can be easily repaired and changed when needed. If you have some of the older, gray tubing, you should try and replace all of that if you can, it leaks at the connections and has some chemical compounds that can be unhealthy to consume.

A lot of the wood paneling will be the least expensive hardboard covered with vinyl that you could buy, but it paints real nice and looks great in lighter colors than the original dark wood tones. You’ll also find that all of the trim around the ceiling, edges of walls, kitchen cabinets, and floor moldings are all made from polystyrene foam with a vinyl, wood tone, covering. You can replace it all, but it does look good painted as well.

Keep In Mind

If you’re planning on mobile home remodeling or manufactured home remodeling, just be aware of the fact that you’ll always have to replace more material than just the part you’re working on. This is because once you tear out one section, you’ll never find matching replacement boards, moldings, or trim, and for just a little bit more you can have real wood instead.