Small Kitchen Remodeling – Ideas For Small Spaces

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Small Kitchen Remodeling – Ideas For Small Spaces

It’s the 21st century and for many people that means having to get used to the idea of smaller living spaces. Apartments and smaller homes call for some innovative ideas when it comes to how space is used – and nowhere is this more important than in the kitchen.

Our kitchens are not only a space where food preparation takes place – they are also a place where much social interaction occurs and if we want to get the most out of that space – especially when there isn’t a lot of square footage to play with we have to be clever.

So I will mention some items to be used, as well as what can be done as a bit of a remodel, that are reasonably inexpensive.

So how do we get the most out of limited room?

Firstly it comes down to counter space. First, if you can add more counters and cabinets, it certainly helps. And if you can maximize how your counter space is used your kitchen – no matter what the size it becomes a pleasure rather than a pain.

Extra Storage Space

kitchen cart
Winsome Mali Kitchen Cart

If you cannot make room for more cupboard and counter space then you have to get innovative.

I use a rolling Kitchen Cabinet Cart This provides both some counter top and storage space. Similar can be found, whether you want a light wood or a dark wood.

And Pantries are great to have for all those packages of food and cans that you need to have on hand.
So a free standing Pantry can fit in a small area, yet hold a lot of items. And inside of this you can put can racks, and other organizers.


Let us discuss clutter. It is common that we have a more equipment than we need and this takes up a lot of our counter space. If you are not using something on a daily basis then store it away – and store it in a place that you will not be accessing every day.

That juicer you only use on weekends – under the counter. An egg slicer? Please – when last did you use that? A toaster and a kettle – that’s what you need. Although for many a coffee maker might be an absolute necessity.

Use Kitchen Sink Area

Want to get even more out of your kitchen space? Don’t ignore that your sink will provide some space. A large cutting board which fits over the sink can allow you to add much needed space to your kitchen – especially when it comes to food preparation.

Update Your Lighting 
Don’t ignore the fact that lighting is important in the kitchen – although good lighting will not increase the physical space that you are working in it will increase the pleasure and convenience of your food preparation – and the opportunities for socialization in the kitchen.

There are plenty of ‘peel and stick’ LED options on the market at the moment. These can be applied to the bottom of shelving and simply plugged in – it makes the world of difference to a small kitchen when it is brightly lighted.

Wall Shelves
Also don’t ignore the opportunity for wall storage of cooking tools. Having the implements you need at a moments notice – at eye level can free up much needed counter space. As well, wall shelves that can hold a number of things are handy.

Final Thoughts

Use one or several of these ideas to help you in your small kitchen remodeling and you will come out with more space and less stress with working with a small kitchen. It will help you feel much better about being in the Kitchen and preparing food.