Simple Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Simple Bathroom Remodeling Ideas For The Budget Minded

Bathroom remodel


If you’re tired of the same old bathroom design (or your facilities are simply looking worse for wear), it may be time to consider a remodel. There’s no better way to enjoy your time at home just a bit more than a fresh new room to keep the excitement going, and you’ll be able to protect and even bolster the resale value in one fell swoop. The only downside of course is the financial burden – or so people think!

While it’s certainly no penny and dime affair to remodel your bathroom, there are actually a wealth of great looking designs that are simple enough to fit within the realm of possibility for most budgets. Just consider the following options:

Function Over Form

The ultimate simple and affordable design is to cater to the functionality of the room above all else. You can save a fortune by opting for utilitarian fixtures and only spending a minimum on additional decor. A monochromatic feel with colors in the white, eggshell, or extremely light grey spectrum will work best.

Just be sure you have adequate lighting and plenty of room to move about as needed. Be prepared to also spend at least a little more than necessary on important elements such as tubs, sinks, vanities, and doors to assure you get the best quality.

Change The Decor

Tropical Sea Life Shower Curtain – click picture to see the details.

If you aren’t as interested in a sparse decor, you may as well embrace one of the wildest bathroom remodeling ideas round: full on aquarium or sea based decor.

As the home to your shower and bath, it makes perfect sense to embrace the watery atmosphere. Aquamarine blue, white, and light green should be a winning color palette for all of your fixtures and accessories, and you can take it even further with fish pattern wallpaper and shower curtains. (This idea is especially perfect for kids’ bathrooms.)

Rustic Farmhouse

Finally, you can embrace a rustic design sensibility to make your bathroom feel especially welcoming. With screens on your cabinets instead of doors, wood paneling along the walls, and a small potted plant or two, you can easily create an old country feel that will exude comfort. When picking your colors, something along the lines of light beige will make a fantastic base to work outward from. You can really seal the deal from there with artwork of farmhouses or farm animals.

Renovate Just A Few Things

  1. New Fixtures

Getting new fixtures, specifically in a stainless-steel or other excellent quality material is one way to provide the bathroom a new look. Sometimes these will be more affordable than you believe and also they can usually be installed in a few hours.

2. New Tile

Floor tile has changed throughout the years, and but what used to be in style could look old and dated now. It doesn’t take that much time to replace the tile in a room, and also the result can make the whole area look like it has been transformed.

3. New Cabinets

In the bathroom, the capacity to store things is a must, unless you have a tiny bathroom. New Cabinets are a great idea.

Attempt to choose neutral colors and match them to the wall surfaces or floor tile. New cabinets are a little bit of job, yet they can typically be placed in within a day or two on your own, or you can search for a great contractor to get the job done.

In general, updating your bathroom by changing out a few things is a great idea. Which suggestion do you want to start with?