Checklist For a Home Remodeling Project

Checklist For a Home Remodeling Project

home remodeling checklistRegardless of the complexity of your home remodeling project, making some basic decisions at the start can go a long way in ascertaining you will be happy with the outcome. Use this home remodeling checklist as the starting point for the project.

Create a Schedule

Do you have a deadline you cannot miss, like an event you are hosting? Or just want to complete the project in the next few weeks? If undecided, pencil in a possible ending date. Otherwise the project may drag out for quite a long time.

This is a decision that will affect almost every aspect of your plan. If you are in a hurry, you may have to pay the contractors more in order to do the work faster, by hiring a larger crew. You may ideally have to forgo some parts of the plan if a particular sub-contractor cannot fit your project into their schedule or some materials are not available in time.

When considering the time frame, ideally keep in mind how your daily routine will be affected. Will it be easier to handle the most chaotic changes during summer when kids are out of school? Do you anticipate days when your time will be consumed by your job or other commitments? It’s impossible to predict exactly what will happen, but thinking and planning ahead can help minimize scheduling conflicts.

Determine Your Budget

home remodelingIt’s important to know your finances. As mentioned, you cannot predict the future, but you know how much money you have. Avoid putting all your finances towards a home renovation project as you never know when you will need to repair or replace an appliance. So, determine a comfortable amount that you would be willing to invest in home improvement and then work from there.

It’s advisable to first get an estimate of the project in your home renovation and then determine the costs that will work with your budget. Discuss your budget goals with the contractor and then see what adjustments you can make without sacrificing your priorities or quality.

Also, check with the contractor to see whether they offer seasonal discounts. Some companies get busy during summer but struggle when it comes to winter. If you’re comfortable dealing with weather elements, then you may want to consider doing the project off-season.

Determine The Must Haves and The Nice to Haves

Knowing what you really want and what you cannot love without will have an impact on your time frame as well as budget. It’s always advisable to prioritize on the things you cannot live without and then think about the nice-haves when finalizing the plan.

Research Remodeling Contractors

remodeling contractorThis can easily be the most consuming task on your home renovation checklist. Start by asking for referrals from neighbors, friends and even co-workers. However, do not let recommendations take the place of assessing the credentials of the contractors yourself.

Ensure that every potential contractor has adequate insurance, proper licensing, financial stability as well as relevant experience.

A home renovation can be time-consuming and daunting, but if you take the time to properly prepare for it, things are more likely to unfold as anticipated. Use this checklist as a guide for your next home home remodeling project.